The addition of a button module allows the phone to support additional programmable buttons.

Do not connect or disconnect a button module yourself. Your system administrator will arrange this if necessary. Failure to connect and restart the equipment in the correct order may cause the phone and or the button module to function incorrectly.

9508 Phones

These phones support BM12 button modules. Each button module provides the phone with an additional 24 buttons (2 pages of 12) which can be used as appearance buttons and or feature buttons.

Up to three button modules can be attached to each phone. However, the number of button modules supported by the telephone system may be limited by the total number of button modules attached to other phones on the telephone system.

9504 Phones

These phones do not support any additional button modules.


icon_warning Note for Australian installations only:
Installations of the 9408/9508 terminal with an 1151 PSU and BM12 must be restricted to the same building as the host Gateway. That is, the 9408/9508 – if installed with an 1151 PSU and BM12 – cannot be connected in a campus environment where the 9408/9508 terminal is installed in a building separate from the building housing the Gateway. This application cannot be used with exposed (out-of-building) wiring.

For installations in which the 9408/9508 is used without the 1151 PSU and BM12, campus connections are acceptable: the 9408/9508 can be located in a separate building in these cases.

This restriction applies to Australian installations only.