The telephone system supports multiple conference calls, with additional parties addable to any conference call until the system's conference capacity is reached. A maximum of 64 parties in any particular conference call is supported. Conference resources are also used for call recording and other features, reducing the available conference capacity for ordinary conference calls.

Some conference controls, for example dropping other parties, only apply to conferences started on the same phone system as your extension.

Note: If you are the only internal user in the conference, depending on your telephone system's configuration, dropping yourself might end the conference. Consult your system administrator for details.

Default Short Codes

Short codes are numbers that you can dial to enable and disable various features. The following are default short codes that may be available. However, your system administrator can remove and change the short codes available to you or all users.

Conference Held Calls: *47
Start a conference between yourself and any calls that you have on hold.