This menu is accessed by pressing the key contacts CONTACTS key. It is used to display names and numbers that you can then use for making calls.

The directory includes names stored for use by all users, names stored for use by just you and the name and numbers of all the other users and groups on the phone system.

The contacts shown in the directory come from a number of sources.

Personal Directory Contacts
These contacts are stored by the telephone system as part of your user settings.
They are displayed on the phone while you are using it. If you hot desk to another phone that also stores your contacts on the system, your personal contacts move with you.
You can have up to <%PERSONAL_DIR_CAPACITY%> personal directory entries that you can add, edit and delete through the phone. While you are allowed up to <%PERSONAL_DIR_CAPACITY%> personal directory entries, the total capacity of the system may limit that if it has been reached.
The system administrator can add, edit and delete your personal directory entries.
The system administrator can apply an Exclude from Directory setting to particular users and hunt groups. They are then not included in the directory seen by other users.
User Contacts
These contacts list all the other users on the telephone system. If your system is part of a network of  telephone systems, it includes users on the other systems.
Group Contacts
These contacts list all the hunt groups on the telephone system. If your system is part of a network of telephone systems, it includes those hunt groups that the system administrator has configured to be advertised across the network.
External Contacts
These contacts are viewable and useable by all phone users. These are two types of external contacts:
Some external contacts are entered into the telephone system configuration by the system administrator.
Other external contacts are those imported by the telephone system from other directory sources.

Note: If you have been configured as a system phone user by the system administrator, then you can also add, edit and delete some external directory contacts.