This section covers controls for adjusting the phone's display and the information shown on the display.

Display Brightness
Adjust the brightness of the display.
Display Contrast
Adjust the contrast of the display.
Half/Full Width Display
Some phones can display full or half-width button labels.
Call Timer
Adjust whether the ring/call time is displayed for calls on appearance buttons.
Show Last Call Duration
Display the duration of a call for a few seconds after the call is ended.
Display Language
Select the language used for the phone's menus.
Auto Display Waiting Call
If, when already on a call, there is another call waiting to be answered, automatically display the call information of the waiting call.
Exit Menu Inactivity Timer (Auto Return)
Return to the normal call display after a period of inactivity in a menu.
A-Menu Auto Exit
Automatically exit the A-menu screens when a new call alerts your phone.