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9500 Series Telephone User Guide

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Displaying Other Calls

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The phone can handle multiple calls at the same time. Whilst you can only have one connected call at any time, you can have other calls on hold, parked and further incoming calls alerting. The status of each call (except parked calls) is indicated by a separate call appearance button for each call.

Changing the currently displayed call before starting a conference affects which calls are conferenced. See Context Sensitive Conferencing.

To change which call is currently highlighted:

1.Use the up and down cursor keys to select the current highlighted call appearance. This can be done without affecting any currently connected or held calls.  

On most phones in the series, the background shading indicates the currently highlighted call.

The soft keys at the bottom of the display automatically change to reflect actions that can be performed on the call, if any, associated with the currently highlighted button.


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