1.To put your current call on hold, press the Hold soft key or the call's appearance button.
2.The held call will be indicated by its call appearance button with a fast-flashing green lamp. On phones with only a single call appearance button (or icon), the phone displays "On-Hold" before the call information on the call's application line.
3.While held, the caller will hear music on hold. If your system does not have music on hold available, the caller will hear double beep tones every few seconds.
4.You can scroll the display using the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys. The held call will appear with a SoftHold icon.


Important - Holding Conference Calls

You can hold a conference call in the same way as holding a normal call. Holding the conference call does not affect the other conference parties who can continue talking. You will also still be listed as a member of the conference call in the conference details.

Warning: This only applies to conference calls hosted by your own telephone system. Holding your call to a conference hosted on another telephone system may cause that conference to hear your system's music on hold.