! Warning: This handset may pick up small metal objects such as metal pins or staples.

During a power surge, EFT (Electronically Fast Transients), or ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), calls may be dropped. After a power surge, EFT or ESD, it is normal for the phone to restart.
Using a cell phone, mobile phone, GSM phone or two-way radio in close proximity to an Avaya telephone might cause interference.
The phone should not be connected directly to the outdoor telecommunication network.



icon_warning Note for Australian installations only:
Installations of the 9408/9508 terminal with an 1151 PSU and BM12 must be restricted to the same building as the host Gateway. That is, the 9408/9508 – if installed with an 1151 PSU and BM12 – cannot be connected in a campus environment where the 9408/9508 terminal is installed in a building separate from the building housing the Gateway. This application cannot be used with exposed (out-of-building) wiring.

For installations in which the 9408/9508 is used without the 1151 PSU and BM12, campus connections are acceptable: the 9408/9508 can be located in a separate building in these cases.

This restriction applies to Australian installations only.