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9500 Series Telephone User Guide

> Introduction

Important Safety Information

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! Warning: This handset may pick up small metal objects such as metal pins or staples.

During a power surge, EFT (Electronically Fast Transients), or ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), calls may be dropped. After a power surge, EFT or ESD, it is normal for the phone to restart.

Using a cell phone, mobile phone, GSM phone or two-way radio in close proximity to an Avaya telephone might cause interference.

The phone should not be connected directly to the outdoor telecommunication network.



icon_warning Note for Australian installations only:
Installations of the telephone with button module and additional power supply is restricted to the same building as the host IP Office. In this scenario the phone cannot be connected installed in a separate building separate from the IP Office using out-of-building wiring. This restriction applies to Australian installations only.