While the voicemail system will play a generic greeting to a caller, prompting them to leave a message, you can record your own greeting.

1.Press the key messages MESSAGES button.
Depending on how your system is configured, you may be required to enter your voicemail password and then press the Done soft key.
2.The Visual Voice menu is displayed.
3.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll to the Greeting option and press Select.
4.Use the soft keys to listen to and record your mailbox greeting.
Record a new greeting. Note that the greeting must be at least three seconds long or the voicemail system will discard it.
Listen to the current greeting or the new greeting just recorded.
Submit the new recording as your mailbox greeting.
Switch between the different sets of available soft key functions.
Delete your current mailbox greeting. The greeting will return to its default mailbox greeting.
Return to the main Visual Voice menu.