This menu is accessed by pressing the Features soft key. It can be used to access a range of user settings.

9600 features menu

To exit the whole user menu and return to the appearance menu, press the key phone PHONE/EXIT button or, if displayed, press the Exit soft key.

Within the menu, the up arrow up and down down arrow arrows keys are used to scroll through menu options.

When the menu option displayed has sub menus, they are indicated by the ... three dots (ellipsis) icon after the menu option name. The left arrow left and right right arrow arrow keys can be used to exit and enter sub-menus, except where they are being used to change the value of a setting (see below).

Entering a sub-menu can also be done by pressing the Select soft key or the OK button. Exiting a sub-menu can be done by pressing the Back soft key.

! The system administrator controls whether you can access various menus. Others are only available if certain perquisites are met:

While the phone is locked, the Features menu cannot be accessed to change user settings.
The system administrator is able to configure if you can access the Membership, State, and Fallback options of a group. If you are not configured for any groups then the Group menu is not shown.
The system administrator is able to configure whether you can access the Forward and Follow Me menu and status options.
The Park menu and status options are only accessible while you are talking to a caller or already have parked calls.
The Account Code menu is only accessible if the system has been configured with accounts codes.
The Mobile Twinning options are only shown if you have been configured to use mobile twinning.
The System Administration option is only shown if you have been configured as a 'System Phone' user.