You can view information about the phone's settings and current operation. When reporting a problem to your system administrator, they may ask you to provide some of this information to help resolve the problem.

1.Press the key menu MENU button.
2.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to highlight Network Info.... Press Select.
3.Use the left arrow left and right right arrow arrow keys to move through the different pages of information.
Audio Parameters
The settings configured for sound and sound devices.
IP Parameters
The IP settings with which the phone has been configured by the installer or by a DHCP server.
Quality of Service
Quality of Service (QoS) measurements for the current call.
The current speed of the phone's ethernet port and its PC pass-through Ethernet port.
Details of the phone and the firmware that it currently has loaded.
4.To return to the parent menu, press the Back soft key.