Parking a call is similar to holding a call. However, parked calls can be unparked by other users on the phone system. Each parked call is given a number. By default, the number is your extension number plus a digit.

Calls that you park return to your phone (when idle) if they remain parked for too long. The default return delay is five minutes. This is a system delay that is applied to all users and can be changed by the system administrator. Returning calls ignore any forwarding or do not disturb settings.

A feature button set to the Call Park action can be used to park and unpark calls and to indicate parked calls.

Default Short Codes

Short codes are numbers that you can dial to enable and disable various features. The following are default short codes that may be available. However, your system administrator can remove and change the short codes available to you or all users.

Park Call: *37*N#
Parks the held call using the park number dialed in place of N.
Unpark Call: *38*N#
Unpark the call parked using the park number N.