Group Service Status
A hunt group can be in one of the following service modes:
In Service (InS)
The groups operates as normal, distributing calls to available members of the group.
Night Service (NS)
The group is in 'night service' mode. Calls are redirected to its night service fallback destination if set, otherwise to voicemail if available. A hunt group can also be put into and out of night service automatically by the telephone system using a time profile.
Out of Service OOS
The group is out of service. Calls are redirected to its out of service fallback destination if set, otherwise to voicemail if available. The phone displays an O when one of the groups of which your are a member is out of service. See Status Letters.
Time Profile (TP)
This setting indicates that the group's status is being controlled by a time profile on the telephone system. That time profile sets when the group is in service and in night service. You can override this to put the group into the Out of Service state. You can then use the phone to returns the group to time profile control when required.
Fallback Destination
For the night service and out of service states, the hunt group can be configured with a fallback destination to which its calls are redirected. This destination can be another hunt group or user extension. If no fallback destination is set, the group's voicemail is used (if available). Separate night service and out of service fallback destinations can be set for each group.

Display Icon

O = Out of Service
When a group is set to night service mode, all members of that group retain an 'out of service' status indicated by an O on the idle display.  Calls are diverted to the group's fallback, if set. Otherwise, the calls are sent to voicemail (if available).
! The system administrator is able to configure whether you have access to the Membership, State and Fallback options of a group. If you are not configured for any groups then the Group menu is not shown.