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9500 Series Telephone User Guide

An S in the phone status letters indicates a system alarm. This happens if you are configured as a system phone user.  

Details of the alarm may also appear in your phone's Status menu. This allows you to report the problem to your system administrator or maintainer. Note that the alarms vary depending on the type of IP Office system. The following are examples:

Alarm Log Entry
This indicates that a system alarm has been recorded in the telephone system's alarm log. These can only be cleared using the System Status application. By default, all IP Office systems support the short code *55 to let user indicate an alarm. This is useful when the system maintainer wants users to be indicate that some event has occurred on the telephone system that they are trying to capture and diagnose.  

Corrupt Date/Time
There is an error in the date or time being used by the system. Selecting Admin takes you to the system administration menu where see the system's date and time settings.

Expansion Failure
There is a problem with one of the external expansion modules attached to the telephone system.

Memory Card Failure
There is a problem with one of the memory cards used by the telephone system. Selecting Admin takes you to the system administration menu where you can check the status of the memory cards.

Licence Key Failure
There is a problem with the memory card used to license features and applications.

System Boot Error
The telephone system encountered an error while restarting.

Voicemail Failure
The voicemail system is not available.

Voicemail Almost Full
The voicemail system is nearly out of storage space for any more messages, prompts and recordings.

Voicemail Full
The voicemail system cannot store any more messages, prompts and recordings.

To display and clear an alarm:

You can clear some alarms from the phone. When that is the case, the alarm message includes a Clear option. Others can only be cleared by your system administrator. Note however that the alarm will reoccur if the cause has not been resolved.

1.Press the Status soft key.

To access the Status menu during a call, press the key phone PHONE key and then press the Status soft key if shown.

2.Scroll to the alarm message text.

If displayed, press Admin to see additional information.

If display, press Clear to clear the alarm.


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