You can shutdown the telephone system for a specified number of minutes. Note that this is not a polite shut-down, once you have confirmed the action, any existing calls and services using the telephone system will start being disconnected. The telephone system will then remain unavailable for the duration you specify, the default being 10 minutes. After the shutdown duration it will take up to 5 more minutes for the telephone system to complete its restart.


A shutdown must always be used to switch off the system. Simply removing the power cord or switching off the power input may cause errors.
This is not a polite shutdown, any users calls and services in operation will be stopped. Once shutdown, the system cannot be used to make or receive any calls until restarted.
The shutdown process takes up to a minute to complete. When shutdown, the CPU LED and the base card LEDs 1 and 9 (if trunk daughter card fitted) will flash red rapidly. The memory card LEDs are extinguished. Do not remove power from the system or remove any of the memory cards until the system is in this state.
To restart a system when shutdown indefinitely, or to restart a system before the timed restart, switch power to the system off and on again.


1.Press the Features soft key if shown. To do this during a call, press the key phone PHONE key and then press the Features soft key.
2.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to highlight Phone User. Press Select.
3.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to highlight System Administration. Press Select.
!Note: This option is only present if you have been configured as a system phone user by your system administrator.
4.Enter your security PIN (login code) and press Done.
5.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to highlight System Shutdown. Press Select.
6.The current default timeout (10 minutes) setting is shown and can be used by pressing OK soft key. Otherwise, enter the timeout required in hours and minutes and then press the Ok soft key.
The allowable range for the timeout is from 00:00 to 24:00. Note that a timeout of 00:00 indicates infinite (no) timeout.
The Ok soft key is not displayed if the timeout entered is not within the allowed range.
To enter the : symbol in the timeout press either the * or # key.
To delete the previous digit or character entered press the left arrow left arrow key.
7.After pressing the Ok soft key, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to shutdown the telephone system. Only proceed if you are sure. If you are not sure press Back.
8.If you press the Confirm soft key, the telephone system will switch itself to a shutdown state. This will disconnect all current calls and services.