Within other menus where entry of a number is required, it may be possible to use the directory to select an existing number by name. If this option is available, it will be indicated by the presence of a Dir soft key in the menu.

When using the directory in this way, the names made available will depend on the type of function that is being set. For example, for some functions only group names will be displayed, for others only user names.

1.Press the Dir soft key.
2.Either dial the name to see a list of matches or press the List soft key to list all names.
a.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll through the list or start dialing the name you want to find to display only matching entries. If you dial a name to return to the full list press the Clear soft key.
b.To view more details of the highlighted name press Details. To return to the directory press List.
3.When the required entry is highlighted, press Select.
4.You will be returned to the menu in which you selected the Dir soft key.