The Telephone

Call Forwarding

Your calls can be forwarded to another extension or an external number when:

You are away from your desk (on no answer).


Your extension is busy (on all Call Appearance keys).


You are away from the office (e.g. when you are on holiday).


The following options are available for call forwarding:

To set the number to which your calls are forwarded, dial *07*201# (forwarding to 201 in this example).
To switch Forward Unconditional On (i.e. not Hunt Group), dial *01. The letter D is displayed. To switch it off, dial *02.
To switch Forward On Busy On, dial *03. To switch it off, dial *04.
To switch Forward On No Answer On, dial *05. To switch it off, dial *06.
To switch Forward Hunt Group Calls On, dial *50. To switch it off, dial *51. This setting is for Forward Unconditional only.
To Cancel All Forwarding, dial *00.



Cancelling all forwarding will also cancel any Follow Me you have set.
Your system administrator may have configured a forwarding number on your behalf. If so, by pressing the star code from your extension, you can over-ride the configured number. Forwarding on No Answer is not effective if you are using voicemail.



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