Handling an Incoming Call

As soon as an incoming call is received, a call panel appears, showing information about the call. In addition, call alert boxes appear even if IP Office Video Softphone is minimized.

You can disable the call alert box through the IP Office Video Softphone preferences available on the Preferences > Alerts & Sounds panel.

Incoming call alert for audio only.

Incoming call alert for audio only.

Incoming call alert with video.<br />

Incoming call alert with video.

Answering a call

1.From the Call panel or Call Alert box, click Answer.  You can also press Enter on the keyboard if the IP Office Video Softphone is the active application. If you are on another call, that first call is automatically put on hold.
2.You are now talking to the new caller.

Forwarding a call

Select the Features tab to access the call forwarding feature. For information about how to program a Feature button for call forwarding, see Features Tab.

Declining a call

From the Call panel or Call Alert box, click Decline.  The caller will receive a busy signal

Answering a video call

When you receive a video call, you may or may not want to include your own video.

From the Call Alert box, click Video to answer using video (with audio) or click Audio to answer using audio only.  If you have a camera, you can add video later during the call by clicking the add video icon button.


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